Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIKA Mesmorizes Masses

Tonight I witnessed a new Star on the Horizon. MIKA performed live at the historic Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts much to the delight of his fans. And speaking of his fans, they ranged from teenie popper girls, to older gay men, to young gay men, to college students, Black, White & Asian. You name it. The house was full of an eclectic mix to see MIKA perform hits from his first album and glitter from his new one.
Watching MIKA made me realize how dull I can be.

That might seem strange but MIKA exudes so much joy and passion that I realized I need to step it up a notch. Why so glum? MIKA makes one believe in magic, sprinkles and fairy dust. I like it and so did the crowd that knew every word of his songs. Watching Mika perform I'm reminded of the Flaming Lips, Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Bjork.
It is almost an homage yet MIKA has something uniquely his own. And what a vocal range. No doubt big things are in his future.

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