Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Verdict Reaction in Pictures

Is was a last minute decision on my part to drive to the courthouse and cover the verdict for Freemason Dr. Conrad Murray. I mean what kind of doctor doesn't know how to perform CPR? Moments after I made the split decision to go, my True Religion jeans zipper decided to break. I didn't have time to go home and change I had less than an hour to get situated at the courthouse. So I just wore and over sized coat and looked like I was headed for a winter in Buffalo. I ended up burning in hell. I was in a sea of MJ fans, supporters of Conrad Murray as well as the media brigade. A lot of shoving and knocking around from the "PROS". Majority of MJ fans were very polite and thoughtful. The exceptions were of course the people who were trying to use the event for their own personal media time. There was a guy hawking MJ purses and some other guy pushing to get in or near any interviews that were taking place. I'm glad I was there only for a few hours. I got a serious migraine after I got home and I wept on the long walk to my car. More people are responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray is guilty fall guy yet the people pulling the strings are still making millions of dollars off of Michael Jackson's death. Here is a look in pictures. Extensive videos are forthcoming...

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