Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DWTS Tristan MacManus Old Irish Wit

Things are looking tough for Tristan MacManus and CNN HLN host Nancy Grace after yesterday's Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Halloween show. The pair is at the bottom of the leader board with the combined scores of their group Tango and their solo dance. If they are voted off tonight, it will be a sad leaving. Nancy and Tristan have been two of my favorite people ever to grace the DWTS stage as well as rehearsal. Truly a delightful surprise to have so much fun with both. Here is Tristan MacManus from a few weeks ago. In this clip a pap who had been asking everyone the same question all day, "What do you think about Cher being on the show?" gets a bit of some Irish wit from MacManus.

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  1. I love these little videos of Tristan that you put on here! Makes me what to come out there and be a paparazzi for a couple weeks, so I can meet him! You know what we've never seen? Tristan's legs... your next mission should be to get Tristan to wear shorts, or at least get him to show us his dancer legs :-)