Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tristan MacManus On Kym Johnson Dating Rumors

This video reminds me of a great joke by the legendary comic Bill Hicks. After pissing off some "Christians" with a joke an angry mob grew and waited for Hicks after his performance. They said, "Hey buddy, I'm a christian and I don't like the things you were saying up there!” so Hicks replied to them "then forgive me.!"
I don't know if the written joke translates as well as when Bill Hicks said it but the main point is, my aim was off, didn't realize it until I saw the video while I was editing. I have been up too much and too late shooting and editing. I'm human so get over it. Getting back to the point, here is Tristan MacManus addressing whether he is dating Kym Johnson or not...


  1. Well played, Kat! But he gave you a non answer. Keep asking until he gives you a yes or no.

  2. Why does it matter? If they are dating, good for them. If not, then they're good friends. Either way, they're happy. Also, maybe their DWTS contract prohibits them from speaking publicly about their personal relationship. Remember the fiasco with Maks and Karina?

  3. Since he danced around giving you a yes or no answer, im going to with an obvious YES. Jealous!