Friday, November 25, 2011

Egypt The Battle Is Still On For Freedom

Early in 2011, I interviewed an Egyptian student who took place in the revolution. Here is the video...

The Egyptian Revolution is not over. The fight rages on. At least the sisters & brothers in the streets are starting to wear goggles and makeshift protection against the nerve gas and tear gas that has been traced to American shores. Is it any wonder that America number one money making business is military equipment and support? Is it any surprise that the number one game in the U.S. right now is CALL OF DUTY where war is depicted as a sexy game? When will the public start to see how things are connected and that supporting and making violent toys and tear gas hurts the entire world? Whatever tear gas and nerve gas that is used by the military in Egypt can and will be used on American citizens. I wouldn't be surprise if the uprisings around the world are all just a testing ground for what will hit America soon.

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