Monday, November 9, 2009

BONO of U2 B4 Rosebowl shot by KAT

Here's the video of one of my favorite men on the planet Bono signing for fans outside the Chateau Marmont before U2's historic Rosebowl Concert in Pasadena. Bono doesn't have to sign and keep so close to his fans but he does. This is greatly appreciated by those who get it. The other swill that just sell his autographs and are obnoxious blocking everyone else, don't get it. Bono and his assistant had to hold the rude ones back. I decided to just get out of the way and shoot from another side. On this day, Bono was the only member of U2 that signed. The other members were waiting down the street in limos. For Bono to take the time to sign before soundcheck reflects how kind he is and his understanding of what it means to be a Rock Star. I love Bono for that...

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