Thursday, November 12, 2009

the Power of Fifty Cent

50 Cent was in several places in Cali yesterday. Fifty is a business man and like successful ones he had several appointments. Early in the morning 50Cent was on Power 106. Later in the day he was in Lakewood promoting his fragrance Power by Fifty just in time for the holiday rush. Fans who bought his fragrance for $75 got to take a picture with the rapper & entrepreneur. The souvenir photo was then given to each fan after they posed. The Macy's event ran smoothly from what I could tell and Fifty's fans were happy to see him while many sang along to the edited versions of his music as it blasted through the store.

Later in the evening 50 drove another 30 miles to Burbank to attend his free showing of Before I Self Destruct written, directed and starring 50Cent. Fifty has been doing a promotional tour of the US doing the same in cities across America. Very astute business planning on the 50Cent Team's part. With a new album, a new fragrance and a new movie, 50Cent aka Curtis Jackson will have a very financially merry X-mas.

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