Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday the 13th: Hollywood Hydrant Horror

On my way to Jimmy Kimmel to see PDiddy, I was turning by the Roosevelt when I saw water gushing into the sky. I thought it was another failed water main pipe but it turned out to be caused by a car accident. At least three cars were involved on Sycamore. One car veered off and hit the fire hydrant on the corner.

The car stopped on the sidewalk and the passenger(s) got because the doors to the car were still opened by the time I arrived on the scene. While I was there the firemen were having difficulty finding the shut off valve. Traffic was stopped in the surrounding area causing a memorable Friday the 13th in Hollywood for anyone in the area.


  1. My son & I drove past this and didn't have a camera. I am so glad you captured this. It was pretty wild! He was delighted to see it on you-tube. We guessed it was worthy :)


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