Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DWTS Alumni Chaz Bono Announces Weight Loss Goal

DWTS Alumni Chaz Bono is on the media circuit announcing a weight loss goal of at least 50lbs. Chaz will be documenting the journey publicly on the show THE DOCTORS over the next year. I wonder if Chaz will be forthcoming on the medication that has been prescribed for the ongoing transformation Bono has been going through and their effects on his body and mind. Has the hormones and various other medications caused Chaz to eat more and put on more pounds? Is Chaz Bono also dealing with depression and taking medication that is also wrecking havoc on his metabolism? These would be interesting topics that could be discussed openly instead of just having a boring show about a "celebrity" obese person (like most Americans who overeat and don't exercise).
Chaz Bono was one of the most controversial contestants on DWTS. It got to the point where people were vehemently for or against him being on the show. Also it became a derisive discussion on whether Chaz was a she or a he because technically, Bono never had the total reassignment surgery and it made people question if a person claims they are a certain sex is it true because they say it or untrue because biologically the facts differ? I'm sure the DWTS Producers were happy with the extra publicity they received with Chaz on the show but I wonder what ramifications Chaz Bono being on the show actually had.? Was it a positive look at a member of the Transgender community or was it more of a freak show to get attention? Why couldn't Chaz wait to do the show after he was more fit and healthy? Why show the worst negative male stereotypical behavior such as the infamous photos of Chaz walking without a shirt and dancing with his fly opened?
It also seems that one can't have an opened conversation about the whole Chaz Bono issue without being accused of being unfair. But the questions still remain and if you are going to use the media as your platform, then real questions are going to be asked as well as one's motives questioned and not just accepted blindly.

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