Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gilles Marini Inadvertently Does Al Pacino CRUISING Role On DWTS

I couldn't help but notice while watching the first dance by Gilles Marini on DWTS Country Week, that Marini's black low cut sheer V-Neck shirt and PVC looking pants looked vaguely familiar and also out of place. After I cross checked my movie index I remembered where I saw that look before, in "CRUISING" starring Al Pacino. Here is a trailer of the 1980's film Directed by William Friedkin

To me the film is a cult classic and I hear that James Franco is doing a remake of the controversial thriller that centers on the gay S&M scene. Specifically, I thought Gilles Marini was dressed like detective Steve Burns (Al Pacino) in the night clubbing scene.

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