Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan: How Many Strikes Does The Spoiled Star Get?

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. What can I say that already hasn't not been wittily written by me before in previous blog posts about Lindsay Lohan getting in trouble (again & again)? TMZ reported and it was soon spread all over the internet that Ms. Lohan was arrested for allegedly hitting Tiffany Eve Mitchell in the face at a club. Wowee Wee Wow! How dumb or high or both can a person be to constantly trip the trouble fantastic and push the legal system beyond the bounds of black comedy and decorum? Lindsay, I know you are a White Girl but PLEASE you are getting obnoxious with the skirting the court system, getting away with breaking the law and always getting a job or a paycheck nefariously. Please stop, you are even making your White sisters angry with all your tricks. Please stop rubbing it in our noses that you are above the law, a better actress than anyone, that you are misunderstood, your mother is perfect, you were set up, that everyone is picking on you, your fashion style is above reproach, you don't have a drug/alcohol addiction, you don't have to pay for things that you want, you can run over people literally, you can get $100,000 by not doing in anything and that you can get by with your looks. Please stop Lindsay. Your antics are so bad that bulimics are using a picture of you as the fastest way to vomit.

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