Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Former DWTS Contestant Hope Solo In The News For Domestic Violence Incident with Fiance

Former DWTS contestant and US Women's Soccer Team Goalie, Hope Solo was involved in a domestic abuse incident. News reports say that Hope is engaged to Jerramy Stevens (former Seattle Seahawk) and that the pair had plans to wed after dating for just two months. During a party, Stevens was taken into custody accused of 4th Degree assault by the arresting officers, after the police arrived and found Hope Solo with an injury to her elbow, dry blood on Jerramy Steven's shirt and a bedroom that was in disarray with Stevens hiding between the bed and the wall.
Getting married so quickly under such odd circumstances, raises RED FLAGS. Maybe the two need relationship counseling or need to end their relationship all together.
Stevens was released from custody after the judge determine there was not enough evidence to hold him but the former football player is still under investigation.

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