Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Exide Accused of Making LA Residents Sick Via Economic Racism

   Racism comes in a plethora of forms. Putting a toxic plant in a predominately Latino neighborhood that emits lead and arsenic in the air and under ground is another way of showing the arrogance of Corporate Greed. Which begs the question, how to battle a corporate giant when you are labeled a "minority"?

   Residents of Vernon are in a fight for the health of their families against EXIDE who recently filed for bankruptcy protection while being accused of poisoning East LA.  Exide makes and recycles lead-acid batteries. Residents have complained of soot from the plant on their cars, lawns and outside furniture. They   are also worried about higher cases of cancer, asthma and other health issues as a direct result from Exide's extremely high arsenic emissions. 

   L.A. Superior Court Judge Luis A. Lavin overturned a temporary closure on Exide's Vernon plant much to the disappointment of concerned residents on July 2nd. Exide will be back in business despite their numerous health violations. OSHA and The EPA has found Exide in violation of air safety laws in numerous plants including Vernon yet it is allowed to stay open. Why?

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