Sunday, July 7, 2013

Malibu Brats Enforce Entitlement With BB Guns

I honestly don't remember the last time I sat and chilled at one of the many beaches in LA. So imagine, I'm sitting on the beach with my friend Karma who I haven't seen in a long time. We are enjoying our conversation. We watch the seagulls fly over head, people walking by with their dogs and swimmers splashing. It feels wonderful to sit on the beach and be still UNTIL these kids start target shooting with their BB guns. Although Karma and I are several yards away from the house were the kids are shooting, some of their pellets from their toy guns hit Karma. I'm dumbfounded on what kind of parents allow their kids to do such a thing. Aim/Shoot and "play" in the direction of people just sitting on the beach. The parents saw their kids shooting and just walked away down the coast. Later one of the kids brought out a larger BB gun, a rifle. The sense of entitlement, ownership, arrogance and ignorance were so vividly displayed that it made me a little shocked. While we were leaving I said to one of the kids that it wasn't very nice to shoot their guns in the direction of people on the beach. The kid replied that the beach was his property. Karma and I were like WOW! A young boy no more than 12-13 already enforces his "property" so he thinks with the threat of BB guns. People wonder where kids learn violence. I think a great deal comes from their parent's attitude. Giving kids BB guns to play with without supervision and without care of injuring others is a sure sign of poor parenting no matter how rich they are. The smugness on the kid's face was classic Spoiled Brat Racism as this is my land and you are not allowed here. I didn't know Malibu beach was only for the residents of Malibu? I didn't know their was an Apartheid wall. I thought the beach was free and anyone could use them as long as they respected the rules. There were no property signs on the sand. Shame on those kid's parents.

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