Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Heidi Klum The Smartest, Richest & Happiest Supermodel?

Recently Heidi Klum was shooting a new video on Robertson Blvd. The video marked the beginning of her new partnership with AOL. Klum has a new perfume, a successful Project Runway and also she is the Queen B on Germany's Next Top Model. Besides all that she is a wife, mother and authoress. Is there anything Heidi Klum can't do? Its good to see a supermodel who appears so well rounded and content.


  1. I sure hope not, because she's a dumb bitch and seems pretty unhappy these days! Writing a book proves nothing.

    If you could find some ACTUALLY smart, beautiful young women, I'm sure we'd all be very interested to know of them.

    Any supermodels releasing their SAT or other standardized intelligence test scores? Getting into a good university doesn't prove you're really smart. Might prove you're not retarded, but this is insufficient.

    Great blog! Please find smart, beautiful women!


    A Guy Who Likes Them