Monday, March 14, 2011

Jenna Presley Plays Misty Stone for Me

Observing Porn Starletts up close reinforces a split in the psyche for me. On one hand, they are larger than life, overtly sexual, open, playful and have all the trappings of what most men lust for - A life sized fuck doll that does what they want. And on the other hand, they are like Disney Land embodied. They are a fantasy that no one can live up to 24/7. Who can look 18-21 forever? Who can have perfect breasts and a butt that can bounce a dime? Who among us has no cellulite?
They live in a world that fascinates and destroys. They are masters of giving men what they want temporarily like a crack dealer gives you the first hit for free. So easy to get hooked by the addiction. Who doesn't like pretty, seductive, mind and pain numbing things? Watching Jenna Presley play around with Misty Stone, one senses they are masters of the fucking of one's mind. Let it be said, Jenna and Misty give their audience what they want. They are masters of what they do. By constantly feeding a man's/woman's ego, they delight, numb and control him/her temporarily. Now I understand why Charlie Sheen and people like him pay so much for their service and why so many are addicted to pornography.