Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exclusive KAT Bumps Into Noel Gallagher in Beverly Hills

Luckily, I made a copy of this video as well as the extended one before my SD Card was destroyed. Anyway to all the haters kiss my ass. I love the song 'WONDERWALL'. I was genuinely happy to meet and chat with Noel Gallagher. Some people lie. Some people think they are so clever by taking the piss out of someone who is genuinely open to them. If Noel Gallagher hates the song 'WonderWall' he has the right to do. And just because I love the song and it has brought me joy like so many others, there is no crime in that. I'm lucky that I bump into wonderfully talented people and I try to connect and share what I experience. For some to say I'm not a true fan of Oasis because I like a song that Liam Gallagher sings the lead on is so dumb. I am a fan because I PAID for the album. I find it humorous that so called Fans are so ravenous to bite the hands that feeds them with giving them exclusive photos and information. So if all you want to do is hate, don't come to my blog. The bigger issue was that I broke the story that Noel Gallagher was in deed in LA recording with actual pictures and videos. I may put up the extended version in which Noel Gallagher figured out I was videoing and he starts talking about jazz and art.


  1. What's wrong with a Liam sung Oasis song being your favourite? Liam song on 90% of the Oasis songs, and he's the best singer anyways ;)

    I'd love it f you could put up the extended version though :)

  2. You did a smashing job. You got the man himself to open up about his tight lipped solo project, and u even got him to make his first comment about Liam since the breakup. Go search the net and you'll see how much this man means to millions of people worldwide. Thanks again for sharing this, we have been dying to hear him speak, since he's been avoiding the press since the split.