Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabulous Frenchie Davis Performs on THE VOICE

As the competition between the "REALITY Contestant/Competition Shows" heats up, the desire to win viewers to consume the products that are advertised during the expensive programs is crucial. American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and the new show The Voice are pulling out each other's hair by cannibalizing on each other's cast aways. Dancing With The Stars last night had Pia Toscano (American Idol) and The Voice had a wonderful singer that was kicked to the curb for naughty photos, FRENCHIE DAVIS. Frenchie Davis is a rotund women with a killer voice which American Idol discriminates against. AI likes its women slim so it is easy to blame some photos as an excuse to getting her off the show meanwhile they have had several contestants arrested for breaking the law on American Idol. Here is a clip of Frenchie Davis singing at a fundraiser last year.

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