Sunday, April 10, 2011

NO COMMENT for Karina Smirnoff On The Playboy Issue

Talented and lovely Karina Smirnoff is in hot water according to sources close to ABC's highly popular reality show Dancing With The Stars. Rumors are swirling that DISNEY/ABC may fire Smirnoff for appearing in the May issue of Playboy. Although no one has seen the allege picture/pictorial, executives of the show are concerned that as a "Family Show", they don't want a dwts pro dancer appearing in Playboy. This is ironic considering Brooke Burke (host and former Winner of DWTS) has appeared as well as current star Kendra Wilkinson has appeared in Playboy. Playboy chief Hugh Hefner has been a frequent guest of the show holding court in the audience while receiving camera time on the "family show". Hefner is an old man engaged to a woman old enough to be his great granddaughter.
With Rihanna's accused beater Chris Brown's appearance on the show, former contestant Lawrence Taylor who recently has been accused of having sex with an underage prostitute, former contestant Steve-O who has been arrested for drugs as well as others who have danced on the show why is there a double standard for women? If one beats women you can perform on DWTS but if you are a woman and you choose to be in Playboy it is considered "Bad Taste?" Shouldn't ABC, see the photographs first and judge later? Or is this all a publicity move to garner more attention to the show. Regardless of the motives, tasteful nudity is no big deal in a world full of disgusting violence. If ABC decides to fire Karina Smirnoff it will be there loss and Karina's gain. Karina Smirnoff could be tired of doing the show anyway. Her future is bright what ever she chooses to do.

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