Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Has Played A Joke On Me

April has been wicked out of the gate. Just wanted to let you know why I haven’t posted anything new for several days. I’m dealing with a broken heart due to a corrupted SD Card that had some photos and videos that are irreplaceable. I think the SD Card got to hot while I was uploading work and some how stopped working when I woke up from a nap. Suffice it to say I cried bitter tears. And I learned a painful lesson. Copy and save on the desktop and external hard drive as soon as possible. I’ve never had this problem before. The Dan-Elec ProLine SD HC Card is new less than a month old 8GB that I got from Samy’s. I will never buy it again.

Noel Gallagher, Dancing With The Stars, Alex Sparrow and pictures from The Celebrity Vault Party with Douglas Kirkland and Francois Kirkland as well as some other images and videos are on the card. Last time I looked at it I could see the files but couldn't retrieve them or delete images to make space.
I’ve been procrastinating on finding out finally if the images can be retrieved. The delay has caused me to get ill. My stomach has been whack for days. I’ve been so sad I can’t think straight so I’m going to ask a friend to hold my hand when I get the results.

As soon as I can get my stomach back to normal, KAT TALES TV will be back.

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