Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sugar Ray Leonard Knocked Out of Dancing With The Stars

Last night boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and his flaming red haired partner Anna Trebunskaya were knocked out of the Dancing With The Stars Season 12 Competition. Early last night, the internet was buzzing that Kendra Wilkinson would be given the boot but it was kind of like a left jab to get you ready for a RIGHT HOOK that the former Olympic Champion would be next in line to leave. With all the backstage and on the stage drama going on with the show, one can not believe what one sees in front of their own eyes. I've seen more twists and turns going on that it is almost unbelievable the machinations. Shoes being loose,dropping partners, hips out of place, wet t-shirt photos, Playboy spreads, dating an American Idol, cruel over weight jokes and more and this is only week 4. Look for the wag the dog drama only to escalate in the coming weeks.

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