Wednesday, April 27, 2011

THE VOICE Victorious on Virgin Viewing Slays DWTS and Glee

The new NBC TV show THE VOICE (with judges Adam Levine (shown above), Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton debuted with nearly 12 million viewers according to the Hollywood Reporter. "Dancing With The Stars" aka DWTS (ABC) followed in second and "GLEE" (FOX) was in third.
Makes one wonder about the recent antics of two of THE VOICE's star judges who got into trouble and then got some press for it. Cee Lo who recently stormed off Coachella stages according to reports and Christina Aguilera’s trouble with the law regarding public intoxication and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler arrested for DUI. After much sensation, later it was determined that he was under the the legal limit for a crime and the charges were dropped.
Recently, the talented Christina Aguilera was out at the Abbey to be inducted to the Gay Hall of Fame with much media fanfare. Perfect timing a week before the premiere episode of "THE VOICE."
With the recent machinations of "DWTS" (having) and "American Idol" (allowing) castaway Pia Toscano on the show to sing, it is easy to surmise that it was a ploy to draw viewers away from the new competition. Well according to the ratings, the tactic backfired and NBC looks like it has a hit in THE VOICE.
American Idol was created by Simon Fuller and starred Simon Cowell until he moved on to "The X Factor" (which Cee Lo has said he turned down Cowell's requests for him to judge) and Simon Cowell's other franchises "America's Got Talent" which follows the success of "Britain's Got Talent". and American Idol is produced and sometimes directed by Nigel Lythgoe. Both Simon Cowell, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe are British. Dancing With The Stars is distributed by BBC World Wide and is produced by Conrad Green also British.
All four men are listed in the Top 20 British talent making it state side (list) by The Independent Media dated Monday, 30 June 2008. Both men have collaborated together on a reality show in the past called ALL AMERICAN GIRL produced by 19 Entertainment which was founded by Simon Fuller in 1985. Since then 19 Entertainment has grown to astounding heights with the purchase of
Storm Model Management one of the top modeling agencies in the world as well as their focus on entertainment properties in film/TV/music. They also have a hand in the careers of David and Victoria Beckham, as well as numerous Alist Brands and Personalities.
Also Simon Fuller is connected with CKx which manages among other assests three major cash cows: 1) 19 Entertainment Limited which owns RIGHTS to the IDOLS and So You Think You Can Dance brands/franchises through out the world.
2) 85% Ownership of the Elvis Franchise and 3) 80% of Muhammad Ali Enterprises that means ALI's image (name, image, likeness, certain trademarks and intellectual properties.
I forgot to mention that Prescilla Presley (former DWTS contestant) serves on the board of CKx.
Another interesting gem is that the British are considered the pioneers and the creators of
"Tabloid Journalism" which literally means "compressed news/journalism" also in today's game sensational stories (sex, violence, emotional pulling, causes a reaction). The word "tabloid" is said to have come from "London based pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome & Co. to the compressed tablets {instead of the original loose powder form} they marketed as "Tabloid" pills in the late 1880s" - according to Wikipedia.
So now that it is understood that IDOL and DWTS are owned by British colleagues it would make sense for them to join forces to try to kill a new King - "THE VOICE".
"The Voice" was developed by a Dutch Media Mogul and premiered in Holland. According to a press release "As Previously Announced, NBC Teams Up with Leading Reality Show Pioneers John De Mol, Mark Burnett and Warner Horizon Television to Bring Holland's Blockbuster Vocal Talent Discovery Series to America in Spring 2011" - NBC Press Release.
John De Mol is one of the richest media moguls in the world. He also developed the highly successful and influential reality series BIG BROTHER. His partner, Mark Burnett is famous for producing SURVIVOR, The Apprentice, MTV Awards & The People's Choice Awards to name a few. Burnett was born in Britain but moved to the U.S. in the early 80's.
To summarize we have some serious media moguls controlling the TV game board and right now after the virgin viewing, De Mol and Burnett have a hit. It will be fascinating to see what tactics will be used next, in this multi-billion dollar chess game. Simon Cowell's American installment of the "X Factor" will unveil in the fall of 2011. According to rating reports in Holland, The Voice of Holland has beaten the Dutch versions of "American Idol" and "The X Factor". Will "The Voice" be able to hang on to their high notes after an impressive opening?

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