Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chaz Bono Finally Voted Off Dancing WIth The Stars

As I said earlier on my twitter, Chaz Bono should go. Dancing With The Stars is a DANCE COMPETITION not a nepotism feast. But alas life is not fair when one becomes an adult one realizes that fairy tales aren't true and are used as sedatives to keep you moving and believing in life. I wonder if the ratings will spike now that Chaz Bono has left the dance floor? There were many outraged fans of the show that said they were protesting by not tuning in. In fact the numbers for DWTS have dropped. But something tells me that the closer it gets to the Mirror Ball finals, the ratings will be back to a higher point. That being said the look on Lacey Schwimmer's face lately showed the tension and the sadness of a teacher whose pupil wasn't measuring up.

Schwimmer did the best that she could but she realized that she had done all she could. As a fan of dancers and of the show, I know how hard it is to learn the dances and perform them in front of an audience. It takes courage, talent, memory and a bit of luck. As for the show, Chaz Bono's luck may have run out but he used Dancing With The Stars for his platform and in some regards it worked. His LBGT agenda was out where everyone could see it. I wish however that Chaz chose a more opportune time to do the show. If he would have waited to do the show when he was stronger and in better shape, Bono probably could have done more complicated steps and actually lifts which would have been a more dazzling display of his "manhood". "Walking/Dancing Like A Man" is more complicated than just skipping on the dancefloor.

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  1. DWTS used Chaz long enough to increase their ratings. The "gawkers" have had their fill and now it is time to move on. Pity votes are over, now lets get to the reason for the show in the first place. Thanks Chaz for humiliating yourself in front of millions of viewers and submitting to be a side show act for this phony show. As for the judges calling you an Ewok...awww...nasty nasty. What exactly were you expecting when you signed up to pretend to dance? Don't worry Mama will take care of her sweet cuddly penguin.