Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Rob Kardashian's Biggest Fan (used to be)

Sometimes a gem falls into your lap without you trying. Sometimes I just let people talk and dig their own graves. There are so many levels to this that I can't get into right now. Needless to say, I do believe that celebs have the right not to be stalked and have the right to say no to pictures and/or autographs...


  1. this girl is crazy


  2. This girl word vomits.
    1. How would she know that Gaga doesn't like Kardashians? Have they talked about it? After watching this video I questioned this, but at first I remembered that she HAS met Gaga on several occasions but just not sure what kind of conversations they would have, seeing as Katie is just a very VERY obsessed and delusional fan. (Watch 12 hours video and you can see KATIE trying to talk to GAGA amongst the whole crowd about Gaga shopping, with Katie having no consideration for the masses around her)
    2 She tells EVERYONE that she is their biggest fan. It is Katie's calling. I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAn! You can see it in any paparazzi video that she is in, from her meeting Janice Dickinson to Kristin from the laguna hills show, Katie is EVERYONE's biggest fan.
    3 She has met her on occasions but for her to say that she had dinner with Gaga is ridiculous, she knew how ridiculous she sounded, her WORD VOMIT was too obvious, she took it back by saying that Gaga had sent them pizza and later came out, which when Gaga did that in LA, I do not think she came out at all and you can see Katie trying to correct that without talking about it anymore.
    4 Her iheartradio ticket was not from Gaga's label either.
    5 She knows that she poses a threat to Gaga's safety, and she does not care, she said it to me herself "I do not care, I am going to go up to her, I AM crazy"
    6 If crazy Katie can get to Gaga so easily it kinda scares me and I hope Gaga is being safe. I feel like Katie is a huge threat just in terms of "the bigger picture" which is that people can get to Gaga. Katie works some film production and even gets let into certain events while Gaga is practicing, she even uploads rehearsal videos to her social networking accounts
    7 She loves all the attention
    8 She contacted Gaga's manager and was in talks with them because she was bullied so much for her 12 hours video, but they never did anything for her. But she was quick to tell everyone about everything she was being told by her mgmnt.
    9 She does not care if there is a fan in her presence that has never met Lady Gaga, she wants her own picture first. And ALWAYS comes back because her pictures did not come out. (she posts the "bad" pictures and they are always fine too, she just needs 5 uploads from every encounter)
    10 She considered the author, Kat Tales, her friend, until this article was posted, to which she replied "What? I'm calling her right now" And Kat is a paparazzo.
    11. She has several paparazzo's phone number and has called them herself to tip them that Lady Gaga is in town. WHAT REAL GAGA FAN WOULD DO THAT TO HER? THIS ITEM PISSES ME OFF THE MOST!
    12. hours!

  3. For Katie to pretend she didnt know she was being video'd would be an obvious LIE. She is looking directly at different times at the camera and answering questions. I posted this video for several reasons. People need to be reminded what kind of "fans" are out there. BTW some photogs are jerks trust. Also Lady Gaga's security staff has a difficult job because Gaga loves to connect to her fans but like John Lennon unfortunate murder one must be viligant about one's safety. Sometimes when we see how we really are, it forces us to change and not blame others. I hope Lady Gaga remains safe and I hope her security team notices that some of the same people are sneaking in to offlimit areas. "Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile with old Hands!" - that is a hint for Lady Gaga.
    My Best