Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thomas Jane: It Aint Easy Being HUNG

Recently in an interview HBO's HUNG star, Thomas Jane said that he traded sex for for food when he was broke and first came to Hollywood as a struggling actor. That admission is more true than most actors/actresses would ever admit to doing themselves. But it is a reality for many who come to a town like this with big dreams and empty pockets. Young, beautiful, desperate for fame and money will make many sell their soul temporarily to the vampires that feed on their desperation.

That being said we all have done things we later with maturity and wisdom regretted. Thomas Jane is a talented actor but I guess acting like you want someone to touch you or pretending to like having to perform sexual favors in order to eat, takes great skill in the art of acting. HUNG is a very engaging show with a stellar cast that centers around a man who makes ends meet by working as a male prostitute for women only.

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