Monday, October 17, 2011

David Arquette & Beacher's Madhouse

I was told by Amazon Ashley that David Arquette who is currently on Dancing With The Stars, was an amazing host of Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt. I went to Beacher's on Saturday night. One word "DECADENT". There is some amazing talent involved, POP SHOP the house band in drag, the Hip Hop Violinist was top notch, the burlesque dancers were great and the parade of dwarfs, midgets, bearded lady, Amazon Ashley, and men dressed up in costumes ranging from Chickens to Pandas was quite amusing. It was hot as hell in the basement of the Roosevelt and little room for someone like me who likes to dance to get down. Beacher's Madhouse isn't a place for people who like to dance. It is really for the uber rich to buy property by renting very expensive table service for a few hours at a hip joint. It is a place to HOLD COURT To see and be seen and stare at the freaks that we all are. Pete Wentz was to my left, Derek Hough was at my right, Chicago Bulls hottie Joakim Noah was in the back and Hayden Panettiere sparkled in the middle. During the night in between Amazon Ashley performing and having fun with the crowd, I asked her if she had seen any cute guys Amazon Ashley told me that there was this gorgeous guy that was taller than her in the house. Later in the night I saw this TALL fine guy watching the performance on stage and when I saw Amazon Ashley again, I pointed and said who is that? She didn't know who he was and either did I til much later. Funny part of the night was when Amazon Ashley was getting a photo with Joakim and I was standing there trying to remember where I had seen him. I remember meeting a very attractive tall guy at an Emmy Swag Party who played for the US Olympic Team. I thought it was soccer than I realized it was swimming polo or something. Joakim and I assume girlfriend teased me and she said he played for the Galaxy. I was like no, I know the squad since I went to the games so that wasn't right. When they were walking out this guy said who Joakim played for and almost instantaneously I saw a picture in my mind of him playing ball for the Chicago Bulls with his hair pulled back. But damn that man is fine. Getting back to Amazon Ashley she is so much fun and puts up with a lot of people's gawking at her gigantic assets. She makes it work for her. She showed me a delightful but crazy time. Seriously she needs her own reality show. The things that happen when she is around are hysterical. I told her that I cover DWTS and that David Arquette is so sweet to shoot and she told me to tell David that she missed him hosting Beacher's Madhouse so I did. Here is the video...

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