Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nature Mart Closed - The End of An Era & My Favorite Yerba Maté

I got a rude awakening yesterday after going out of my way to get my favorite Yerba Maté drink, something seemed amiss. First there was the usual no parking but when a lady came out of the store she stood there for several minutes holding her bag and then took FOREVER to put the small bag in the trunk of her car, open her car doors and drive away. Seriously, I felt myself screaming because all the other spaces were full, there was another car waiting to get into the parking lot and she was going beyond slow motion. Then when she finally started and then stopped and restarted her car, it took her several minutes to get the hell out of the way. It took me two seconds to park once she was gone and as I happily went

through the door, I saw empty bins and a line of people waiting to be served.
I asked the girl at the counter if she was the only one working and she said she was. I was shocked because there were normally three people behind the counter helping people with wheat grass and the like. More delays and a weird explanation about fake twenty dollar bills and then I saw the flyer that announced Nature Mart was closing after 37 years. That explained why the lady was going in slow motion. She must have been in shock as I was. Nature Mart made the best Yerba Matte I have ever had. They called it the "Super Man". It had Yerba Matte, lemon and ginger. It was so good. I would drive out of my way to get it. Even though Whole Foods tries to make it, it is never the same or as good. So another goodbye to a small shop that served the community. Thank You Nature Mart, you will be Missed.

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