Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Micheal Jackson: The Lynching of An Icon

I'm almost at a lost for words. I'm questioning my own thoughts on my reaction to going to a 3 Letter Word Website to catch up on entertainment stories and seeing without prior warning a photo of Michael Jackson dead on a white sheet. Tasteless, ghoulish and maybe even a tad racist. I don't know, I'm not in the mind of the person or persons who ok'd posting the images. To some it is fair game because it is evidence from the Conrad Murray Manslaughter trial. To me it just shows the depravity that we all have welcomed into our descent into moral hell. Happy Halloween. And I hope the head honcho comes out of the closet on Gay Day. Wow! What some companies will do to make hits to their websites. So fascinating how lynching MJ has been such a long process. Even in death, he is surrounded in a white sheet and paraded on our modern day lynch tree of death the mogul owned media malicious Internet. How low we have become. How evil are the psyches that make profit of those photos and other's like them. As Billy Holliday sang "Strange Fruit" I can feel the sadness that drove her to heroin. The lynch mob is alive and well. Instead of cutting off body parts and sending it through the mail as they did in the early 20th Century, the racists and sickos are doing it over our so called "free" Internet.
I wonder how Harvey Levin would feel if his parents or partner was splayed out dead for the world to make comments on and peruse over?

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