Monday, June 21, 2010

ARCO - Part of BP

I was almost finished pumping gas into my hybrid when I looked down and saw this sticker at ARCO. I've used ARCO gas for years and never noticed any stickers or advertisements before. But the way my weekend was going, I had to see this. Turns out BP acquired ARCO in 2000. Meanwhile the Oil Gusher in the Gulf of Mexico is erupting since April 2oth 2010 non stop. How long can the Oil Gusher caused by BP go without being stopped? How much more damage and death will it cause? Why was BP allowed to skip several safety checking procedures? How come there were no kill switches in place or back up plans in case of an emergency? Why are so many Americans not seeing the future catastrophe happening right in front of our eyes? Why is a foreign company ruling the beaches and the waves of the Gulf of Mexico where BP is destroying? Why is the U.S. Government playing nice with BP?

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