Thursday, June 3, 2010

Britney Spears She Isn't The Only One Dazed & Confused

Upon hearing Britney Spears conservatorship was renewed, I was going to write a diatribe about Britney Spears fans who idolize her even though she just goes through the motions when she performs. Many say she just lip syncs during her concerts and is just a shell of what she once was. I'm so confused. If Britney Spears is so ill why does she still perform? Why do we live in a culture that accepts a performer not even performing anymore? Are some of us that hypnotized? Maybe Britney Spears needs to retire take the time to get better if she can. The few times I've seen Ms. Spears or photographed her, nothing was behind her eyes. She seemed blank. Not there. Like a Zombie. So sad. I will never forget the first time I was made aware of Britney Spears on the Howie Mandel Show. I thought to myself something had changed. This child (underage) dancing like a sexualized woman in a School Girl sexy costume was marking a point in history. I thought something was wrong but I couldn't take my eyes off of her performance of "Baby One More Time".
You know the lyrics to songs say a lot if you listen to them. "My Emptiness is Killing Me". Also she sings about the only way she knows he cares if he hits her one more time. Bizarre lyrics really. If we fill our minds with abusive music lyrics, videos, movies and games without analyzing what we are listening to we have no idea what it is doing or the effect. Spears is probably being used to keep up the money train for the suits and the people who need her to keep working. 100's of people rely on her bank account. Britney seems more like a zombie than a person at 28. She has been trained to perform and to be sexually appetizing since childhood. No wonder she is past the breaking point. I don’t understand her boyfriend (who used to be her agent or manager) that would be a full time job of dealing with her mental issues. If people had her best interest in mind, they might let her retire, away from the spot light. Who knows the suits maybe the ones forcing her to go out to public places where they know she will be photographed. I hope Britney can get better.

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