Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson: The Videos by KAT of KAT TALES TV

The picture above was a poster for an art gallery showing on Fairfax last year. The odd thing was it was posted up at least a week before Michael Jackson died. I video'd MJ a few weeks before his death and before that in May. The 2nd time I was pulled by a force to go inside a building and he was there. Tall, pale but with magnificent large eyes that took you in. I asked him how he was. Anyway, I can't tell you what it was like when MJ would come to Beverly Hills. It was like waiting for Santa Claus. I was very lucky, the last words I said to Michael Jackson when his SUV turned the corner to go back to his house, was "I Love You!" I meant it. Those were some of the best moments of my life. Not many understand when I say that but you would have to have been there. The videos don't do him justice or how much FUN MJ was to be around. He truly brought Joy. And for that I am eternally grateful.

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