Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brian Scalabrine: Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Hey I couldn't resist the song quote. Watching the Boston Celtics loose to the Los Angeles Lakers makes one wonder why Brian Scalabrine played so little. Scalabrine played mad defense. And he only played for a second. The Celtics didn't bury their opponent, they missed shots, crucial rebounds and seemed out of sorts. Whereas the Lakers, even when they were behind, always kept their composure. The Boston Celtics Team seems green in comparison.
Photographing the Celtics over the last week or so has been challenging, fun and at times frustrating. So many times when they came out of the hotel to either go to practice or go to a game, I didn't see that head held high, the victory body language of a Champion. One needs an extra edge when playing on a rivals home court. I learned a lot from shooting the team. And I thank them for the opportunity. To think I photographed some of the greatest basketball players in the world. And was a part of capturing a Historic Moment is awesome. I wouldn't trade what I do when I see it in that context.

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