Monday, September 20, 2010

Discussing Hollywood Blvd Characters & Street Performers Banned

I just got finished rummaging around the net looking at what some Flickr Posters have said about the characters. Ross Reyes said "an award should be given to these faux costumed fools for actually making money with absolutely no talent whatsoever." Keta Goes Global wrote, "The real problem is the johns. Oh wait, I mean the tourists.
The ones who are silly enough to WANT to have their photo taken with an actor dressed up as a movie or comic book character. Why don't they get arrested? Oh wait, I mean the johns". Another writer Doubletee said, "Oy, those "characters." I'm down with them being arrested . . . for gross lack of talent or resemblance to those they are impersonating."
It is interesting that people have such venom and make far reaching assumptions without actually knowing evidence and the real issue of the situation. Only one person got it right that I saw during my quick read. jakerome wrote "Loitering-- how transparent, how laughable. Poor city council is about to have an unfortunate run in with this thing we call the first amendment.
See, they can arrest people for loitering if that's the law. But they can't use loitering as a legal excuse to arrest people wearing costumes. That's clearly applying a content-based test to their enforcement of the law, which is clearly enjoined by the first amendment.
The prosecutors are probably smart enough not to file any cases, as they would be thrown out quickly by any decent judge and force an abandonment of the illegal policy. But, in this case, I could see the ACLU or a similar organization stepping in to represent the characters in a lawsuit against the LAPD for unlawful arrest. The policy won't last."
I would have loved to contact those posters personally but I'm a little busy to join Flickr right now. I love when people underestimate me, try to belittle my talents or think they are better than me. Haters Drink Haterade and they get drunk with it.
Lets look at the issues which the mainstream press has grossly over looked. 1st Amendment Rights (being violated), False Arrests and Intimidation by the LAPD, Refusal of the LAPD and the City Council to meet with the performers and come up with a solution, There is no performance permits as of yet even though some of the characters have requested to be licensed, Kerry Morrison of the Hollywood Entertainment District has stated she thinks a performance license should cost $1,000 per year whereas Santa Monica's permit costs $37, Ms. Morrison also stated that it would take 2 years before an agreement could be made and that NO ONE has contacted her about wanting the characters back on Hollywood. Those are just a few of the issues not being reported or discussed publicly. I attended a BID meeting recently where I listened to what Ms. Morrison, as well as a spokesperson for City Council member Eric Garcetti, Andrews International SVP Bill Farrar and others attended. When I spoke up about the incorrect information being said, I was told I had no right to speak by Mr. Farrar. I found that fascinating considering I have been to the LAPD at least 7 times several months ago to discuss the situation. Needless to say I never got a straight answer from the LAPD. After the BID meeting I spoke with Bill Farrar and Kerry Morrison and told them that I have done everything I could have done to work with the city months ago and got no answer. I also said I would be happy to send them evidence to prove my points. Here is just a few videos shot on Sept. 18, 2010.
New Zealand Tourist

Young Girl asked about Character Ban

Joe Mcqueen Hulk

I gave my video of NACHO LIBRE Gets Attacked to help the LAPD prosecute his assailants unfortunately my good will was used as a basis to get rid of the performers. I'm not happy about that. I videoed the crime to stop it. But as someone said no good deed goes unpunished. I hope this post clears up a few things. Before I forget, for all those who think all the street performers have no talent I would like to let you know a few more facts, One former Street Character is on ABC's The Gates, Another has been on TRUBLOOD, A Couple has had several plays produced in Los Angeles, Several Comedians that have had their movies shown at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, A young lady is the guardian of a child that wouldn't be going to school if it wasn't for her sacrificing and making a commitment to her charge, there is a teacher, actors, actresses, a pro photographer, script writers, film makers and others who do this as another stream of income & creativity in these trying times. We also turn around and put money back in the city by frequenting the local businesses in the area: Fresh & Easy, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Parking, restaurants, clothing stores, MAC (makeup) and costume shops. So before one makes gross generalizations, one should go in and get the facts. Of course there are bad apples in all groups but get those individual apples not the whole bunch. Some people think they shouldn't have to tip the characters, of course you don't but in turn the characters don't have to take a picture with you or for you. A tip is fair for a picture that lasts forever. The people who put time in effort in their makeup, costumes and other expenses deserve it. With the economic down turn, it is easy to pick on all the characters and street performers. People are always looking for a sacrificial scapegoat to slaughter but their are bigger crimes being committed than wearing a costume and asking for a tip if you take a picture with a character. I invite any of the people who think the characters and street performers have no talent such as Ross Reyes, Keta Goes Global, Doubletee as well as Kerry Morrison & Bill Farrar to don a costume and see what it is actually like being a performer on Hollywood. I think your eyes would be opened and you would have a better understanding of how it is. Most people just shoot the photo or video from far away and laugh in the face of being fair. In addendum, I did an interview with a person who performs as Marilyn Monroe in a previous post. Did you know she spent more time (in jail 12 hours for "loitering - blocking the sidewalk" was her charge) than Paris Hilton who was found in the possession of cocaine and was in custody for less than 3. The Marilyn impersonator case was thrown out. So what is justice?


  1. Thank you for posting this, I have been following your blogs every since the arrest. I have a vested interest in what happens in hollywood and to the characters. I was a character for a short time and I was living out a dream, if I got a tip that was nice but to me I was doing something that I had begin to enjoy very much. I would drive over 50 miles to do this. I use to work at a local District Attorney Office, actually two of them. So I would rank myself as one of the decent one's. I may not have acting skills but I love to make people laugh and see them having a great time. I was in investigations at the DA office, not a clerk. I would handle evidence, subpeona's and go on search warrants. If you would like to talk to me Katt you can reach me at We never spoke when I was out there however I remember seeing you and I am sure you will me. Thanks for keeping the information flowing and I love all your photos.


  2. Great blog! A lot of these people have moved out here to Vegas...they work the Strip and Fremont Street, and so far no one has hassled them. Maybe it helps that all the tourists are drunk out here? Better tips for the performers, great photos for the tourists...everyone's happy!

  3. I just finished watching Confessions of a Superhero, and subsequently googling for updates.
    I had my pic taken with SpongeBob and it's a great pic. What fun! Tiger, Elmo, Darth Vader, Marilyn, Chaplin...all in one place! And busting it to win your attention.
    I'd just finished my first seasonal gig as a street mascot and know the only way to make it work is to work it. For a moment in time I was with other people that knew the work and the fun it can be to don a costume and win an audience.
    My plan was too take a lot more fun $$ and film the next time I was lucky enough to make it there from here hours north of Toronto.
    Sad to learn photo ops with Superman are unlikely...and my LA back up plan has been outlawed. :(
    I like your presentation of the info. :)