Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yesterday was 9/11

Yesterday, I was mesmerized by the gigantic flag waving in the gray cloudy sky in Santa Monica. I found it hard to take my eyes off of it as it waved. A symbolic gesture with a powerful meaning. 9/11 was yesterday and by chance I spoke with LT. Torrillo one of the 4 remaining fire fighters survivors of ground zero. He granted me an interview. It lasts over 8 minutes so in hi-def it will take a while to upload so I will post that up by next week hopefully. Anyway, I got to ask some serious questions about 9/11 and he answered. We had a great conversation. I also told him about what was going on in Hollywood with the ban of the characters because during the interview I was dressed as an Avatar and he was calling me Avatar during the interview. Sometimes when I'm dressed up in costume I forget that I am while I'm having serious interviews.
9/11 is a controversial issue that is very divisive and is used for a multitude of nefarious exploits. How to we learn from this tragedy? How do we grow and move forward? Those are the important lessons in life.
Lately, I've felt very stressed over the ban of the characters and performers in Hollywood and how the city as well as the LAPD has used harassment and intimidation to keep some good people off the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not all the characters/performers are bad just like all police persons and city officials aren't crooks. Individual Rights and Freedoms were definitely trampled on and a lack of respect in sitting down and resolving the conflicts was flagrant. I was told at one of the City BID meetings that I didn't have a right to speak after I raised objections to some incorrect data that was brought up at the meeting. So when it came down to think about what Patriotism means to me and when the Firefighters at the Santa Monica Pier as well as a Veteran from Vietnam asked for volunteers to help fold the flag, I had to think to myself about what America means to me. A true Patriot is someone who works through conflicts, listens to all sides, thinks through the issues and comes to an agreement with out prejudice. A True Patriot cares about the tone of law and its use. A True Patriot speaks up when laws are broken even if it is unpopular even if no money is gained. I am a True Patriot of the Rights that the United States Constitution so boldly states. And even if I gain nothing for speaking out on injustice of the LAPD, BID patrol/organization and the City regarding breaking 1st Amendment Rights, I will do it because it is right. And as I helped fold the beautiful Symbolic Flag of the United States of America, I felt proud. Below are pictures of Lt. Torrillo, Santa Monica firefighters and other people who helped fold down the Flag.

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