Monday, September 6, 2010

What Hollywood Is Missing: Soul Connection

This goes with the continue saga of the ban of performers and characters in Hollywood. One thing that I've tried to explain but I may have been a failure at doing so, is that the magical moments that transpire when people connect, enjoy themselves and gather if only for a brief moment. Now according to the LAPD based on their arrests and citations to performers on Hollywood it is against the law. I'm not saying that Hollywood Blvd was perfect before the crack down. There was a time when it was actually fun but that seems long ago and far away. The following is a taste of what Hollywood is missing with no performers. Moments like this that happen organically. Cost effective entertainment that most don't pay for but a few get the dance of the universe is about giving and receiving and a tip of whatever a person can give is appreciated. Here is Terry Prince teaching a fellow performer one of his songs...

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