Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Susan Flannery aka Stephanie Forrester Big Delight at Santa Monica Pier

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of those guilty pleasures that millions around the world are addicted to. If you weren't aware, the Bold and the Beautiful is the most popular Soap Opera in the World. In many countries outside of the United States it plays as a night time drama on prime time TV. So many of my friends in Italy have told me how much their moms LOVE B&B. So what a nice surprise to see the matriarch Stephanie Forrester played deftly by Susan Flannery on location shooting scenes at the Santa Monica Pier. Susan was very gracious with fans from all over the world. It was great fun!

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  1. So thrilled to have found your photos of this "on location" taping. I'm a huge fan of Susan Flannery and it looks like this was a ton of fun. I've posted a link to this posting on a B&B forum so others can see. Thanks for sharing your talent and good fortune.