Wednesday, September 15, 2010

YJC Stands Up For Tedi Snyder

In these days with people struggling under the economic fallout of a never ending war and bank bailouts, who has time to protest? Who has time to stand up for Civil Rights, Equality and Justice? Who has time to care when most are too overwhelmed under pressure from so many different fronts that all they want to do is numb themselves with food, drug, alcohol or entertainment addictions?
I was downtown recently checking out some film locations when I sat down near some youth wearing LA T-shirts. Someone asked me if I was hear for the press conference for Theodore Snyder and I said yes. The only media I had seen (one news team from ABC) had already left and there may have been one man who was a newspaper reporter taking notes. Since I was there, I decided to find out more about their press conference and Tedi Snyder.

Tedi was 15 when charged with attempted murder. He has the possibility of serving 80 years to life for a case where no one was killed. Snyder is about to turn 20 in prison. According to the YJC "There are at least 2,570 people in the U.S. serving juvenile life without the possibility of parole for crimes they allegedly committed before they were 18. Some were as young as 13 when arrested. They are sentenced to die in prison at least 263 of them are in California."

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