Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paul Wall Staying Relevant By Beating Someone Up

I may have to fear for my life after posting this. When did giving someone the middle finger cause a beat down during a concert? I wish I could beat up everyone who ever said something negative towards me. But that would be immature, reckless and against the law. Luckily all the times I've given the middle finger, I've never been assaulted. I really don't give the middle finger that much, Mom if you are reading this. Anyway, Paul Wall a rapper that I didn't know that much about when he came to visit LA a few months ago (until someone said the White Rapper with the Grillz) was seen giving a concert goer a beat down with his microphone after the fan gave him the bird recently. Now Paul Wall's name is all over the net. There is no police report so, was it another staged event for publicity? If so it is working.

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