Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Austin Visschedyk: Teenage Paparazzo Going To Be Big In Japan

I bumped into Austin who is great at what he does. He told me he wrecked his ride and was driving a rental because he was chasing a story and going too fast over a pot hole or a rail. Anyway, Austin Visschedyk also said that he was going to Japan for the screening of his documentary that Adrian Grenier directed called 'Teenage Paparazzo'. Austin was smoking a cigarette when I asked him about that he said, "Smoking isn't bad for you." I like Austin, he is a cocky kid but he is an excellent shooter. Sometimes when you have talent for something you outshine others in your wake and you create haters. However you are still driven to do what you do. I asked Austin awhile back if he was doing drugs. Teenagers are going to do what they do.Here is the video.

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