Tuesday, January 18, 2011

James Frain & Ken Davitian on The CAPE

I was watching the new series "THE CAPE" on hulu and I saw two people that I enjoyed their work Ken Davitian best known for BORAT and James Frain lately of TRON. Ken guest star as an owner of a Sergent Supply store in the opening of last week's episode who gets robbed by two bad guys and then he gets saved by The Cape guy who isn't wearing a cape. It is an amusing bit. Here is a video of Ken Davitian on Hollywood Blvd. Davitian has a sandwich shop that has really great food and used to give out coupons...

James Frain co-stars as the Super Villain to the Super Hero, The Cape played by David Lyons.

James Frain has a thing for "ts" TRON, TRUE BLOOD and the TUDORS.

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  1. Love seeing your coverage of James Frain!

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