Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ted Williams Goes Hollywood

What happens when you hit the lottery when you are use to being broke? Just look at Ted Williams to get your answer. Williams the man with the golden voice went from being homeless and begging for money to being the toast of the town in all media. From NBC, to CBS to ABC all fighting for the scoop. And what is the scoop? Ted Williams is battling several addictions: poverty, alcoholism & drug addiction all while riding the roller coaster of fame and notoriety. Meanwhile the family and children he left behind while he was wasted, are vying for his attention and maybe even his new found money. There is serious pressure on Ted Williams from all sides. A lesser man would break. I don't know if he is going to 12 Step meetings or has some type of Sober Coach in his new entourage but he probably could use someone who actually has his back instead of the TV producers who only care about fickle ratings. So while many of us got wrapped up in the fairy tale of Ted Williams being picked off the street to be our modern day Cinderella, let us remind ourselves that fairy tales are just that and reality is something entirely different when one goes from being invisible to everyone wants a piece. Welcome to the Jungle.

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