Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tila Tequila Says She Sober While ExPal Kristian Otto Herzog Is In Play for Mel Gibson

According to a story running on Radar Online, Tila Tequila wants to change her last name to Wynn. Tila feels her old self is "dead". Tila Wynn also went on to say that she is getting help from her doctors to deal with the multiple drug/alcohol and psychological issues that she had/has.
Meanwhile her exPal and play bodyguard Kristian Otto Herzog has been subpoenaed by Mel Gibson's team of lawyers in his battle against his former lover and baby's mama Oksana Grigorieva. According to TMZ, Oksana now is no friend of her former "friend"/"confidante"/play bodyguard.
Herzog never signed a confidentiality contracting like most real body guards do when they work for professional clients. So with that major mistake, Oksana has left herself wide open for all communications between herself and Kristian Otto Herzog to be under the scrutiny of the court. The battle between Oksana and Mel Gibson almost seems never ending. Herzog claimed he had a relationship with Oksana. Meanwhile Oksana denies this. Interesting connection with Tila Tequila and Oksana is Herzog befriended them gave his services as a "bodyguard" for publicity and gathered information on both women, according to insiders who knew Herzog's mode of operation. He befriends celebrities, offers his services for free and then uses the information to sell to tabloids or to "whitemale" (as I like to say) them at a later time. Tila and Kristian had a falling out. No doubt Herzog knows a lot about Tila Wynn (Tequila). What will also be interesting is to see what will happened with the battle between Garry Sun and Tila case. Was it all a farce for media attention because Garry is involved with a TV pilot? Or was the stalemate real? The sad thing is it seems like at least 3 players got what they wanted in this more attention but at what cost?

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