Saturday, January 15, 2011

Media Darling Golden Voice Ted Williams Days Before He Entered Rehab

In previous twitter posts, I mention that I was told by a security guard at Hollywood & Highland that he smelled alcohol on one of the men in the Ted Williams entourage. The guard told me it was a strong stench. He knew this because a TV crew was filming the man with the golden voice without permits on the property of the mall and he as well as another guard had to ask the crew along with Ted Williams to leave. He also told me they were headed to the Renaissance Hotel; where Ted and one of his daughter's ended up in a heated argument where the police were called. The daughter accused her father of drinking during an interview and subsequently after appearing on another TV show, Ted Williams decided to enter rehab with the help of Dr. Phil. Side note while Ted was filming one of his many segments on Hollywood, he said he was going on Oprah. Well that interview will have to wait because Williams wisely checked into a rehab center in Texas far away from the glitter of Hollywood so he can focus on the most important thing his sobriety. Here are two videos of my encounter with Williams on Hollywood last weekend...

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