Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ricky Gervais Roasted The Globes

The heat from comedian Ricky Gervais jokes are still blowing warm embers all over Hollywood. He made me laugh and so did Robert De Niro. Unfortunately, De Niro jokes may have went over the head of some with ADD and the lack of the irony of Home Land Security looking for illegal aliens in Arizona. Anyway, without Gervais jokes the Golden Globes would have been BORING! Now days after people are still talking about a show that happened on Sunday. Isn't that what a funny man is suppose to do? So CHEERS to Ricky Gervais and Robert De Niro for bringing some educated humor to such a well dressed elitist audience. Thank goodness some people are still free to give out scathing social commentary without ducking under fear.

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