Monday, May 9, 2011

Jason Gummi Bear Davis and Brandon Greasy Bear Davis Drug Problems of The Idle Rich

Some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths and others a golden coke spoon. For these two, Jason & Brandon Davis on the surface have everything going for them. Lots of money.
Lots of famous friends, nice cars, inheritance so they really don't have to work and lots of money to spend isn't enough to keep their lives exciting. The idle rich need more. More drugs. More to fill the empty holes that enlarge in all of us. Recently Jason Davis was seen in Beverly Hills.
He had done a stint on 'Celebrity Rehab'. Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis was also popped for felony drug possession soon after appearing on the show. In another twist of fate, while Jason pleaded not guilty and awaits trial, his brother Brandon "Greasy Bear" was busted by LAPD after he stroke a comedian at the Roosevelt Hotel. After Brandon was handcuffed, he was searched and cocaine was found. Two brothers with serious addictions and it seems all the money in the world can't help. They probably won't spend in real time in jail due to their high profile and whiteness although jail time maybe the best medicine to help them with their spoiled brat issues.
Here is a older video with Qween on The Scene asking Brandon Davis to "help the cup"...

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