Sunday, May 1, 2011

PRINCE Is KING at The Forum - Welcome 2 America Tour

I'm Updating this post on 05/02/2011...Someone was kind enough to let me know about Nikka Costa. Nikka Costa blew the house down with her rendition of WHOLE LOTTA OF LOVE!

Prince is King. I came to the conclusion that he is King for several reasons. One, he is ALIVE. Two, like Stevie Wonder, he is a master of several instruments and he is a musical genius. Prince has written so many hit songs not only for himself but for so many diverse artists. Prince is a showman and a preacher. During the concert he spoke/sang about the record companies and also about REAL Music. Real music seems to be lacking these days. Few artist actually sing instead of lip sync but that is another story. One of my favorite songs of the night was when Prince played LED ZEPPLIN's 'Whole Lotta Love' with a female singer (Nikka Costa) that I'm unfamiliar but she nailed it. She (Nikka Costa) was perfect with Prince's guitar licks.
Another reason I love Prince, is that he chooses singers - I don't want to call them back up singers. He works with singers who SING. He doesn't discriminate on sizes or shapes or colors. He chooses the BEST which only compliments him more. The audience was full of all races and ages. We all got down and I danced my ass off. It was hot at the Forum. PRINCE is KING! He also is bringing jobs and money to the Inglewood community. So Thank You Prince.



  1. Kat - Love reading your tweets and blog. I found it through your DWTS coverage (thanks!).

    Was it Nikka Costa who sang Whole Lotta Love??!! The pictures kind of look like her. Her music is awesome! I'm sure you'd know some of her songs from hearing them in movie trailers, commercials, etc.

    One of here more popular songs:

    Everybody got their something

  2. Nikka Costa is amazing..she is all over you tube, check her out :)