Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I Think Marlee Matlin Won Celebrity Apprentice

It seems very logical that Marlee Matlin won Celebrity Apprentice. The main reason is because of her deftness deafness of not hearing Donald Trump. Being deaf to the ramblings of the Donald was the greatest asset to have on this season of the Apprentice. With NeNe Leakes yelling, Star Jones passive aggressiveness and the other ladies so boring that no one cared, Matlin's eyes wide open and her signer giving her the news, Marlee could not be beat. Meatloaf looked like he was going to explode. Lil Jon looked like he sold his sold to the devil being on the show and the country guy seemed to nice too be the killer. So my money is on Marlee Matlin. Never underestimate your opponent no matter what so called "disability" they have.

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  1. Here is how I can tell Marlie won. She was on the Trump Roast and said it was tough making fun of her heard it here first.