Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shauna Sand One of Lorenzo Lamas ExWives Charged With Domestic Abuse

More trouble for Shauna Sand who has more hot young French men in and out of her bed like a revolving door that look very similar to a younger version of her ex husband Lorenzo Lamas. Shauna Sand and her husband Laurant Homburger were both charged last night by police and taken into custody. Sand with felony domestic and Laurant with criminal threats and spousal battery. Shauna Sand has had too many husbands/men playing house with her and her young daughters. Lorenzo Lamas (newly remarried) is finally putting his foot down according to reports and is seeking emergency custody of his 3 young daughters with Sand. Here is video of Shauna Sand and Laurant Homburger earlier this year outside Madeo...

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  1. When she was married to Lorenzo Lamas, she would squeeze him with her legs.