Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paula Abdul Signs X On Simon Cowell's X Factor

It seems like these two can't get enough of each other. Instead of getting married, they just work together. LOL! Paula Abdul has agreed to join her partner in competition crimes, Simon Cowell as a judge on the US Version of The X Factor. Media Mogul Simon Cowell made a clever chess move by wooing Abdul after she was not offered a new contract by American Idol Producer Simon Fuller. Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell have a fascinating business relationship. In the past (2005) Simon Fuller ("Pop Idol" reality TV Show) has accused Simon Cowell's X Factor of infringing on copyrights. Their respective companies have battled. It seems that whatever fight they have between each other and their show's concepts, they settled out of court. It is rumored that Fuller got a percentage deal of all of Cowell's X Factor franchises. These two men have successfully worked together with Simon Cowell being a popular judge formerly on American Idol while they have disagreed on the matter. Money changes everything. Both global franchises of Idol & X Factor are worth billions of dollars.

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