Friday, May 27, 2011

Maria Shriver - What A Friend She Has In Bono

Yesterday was a bizarre day as the city almost seemed deserted of stars and I ended up getting a migrane and going home to watch the full season of the Showtime series 'The Borgias'. While I was resting my head watching the political and personal scandals of a Spanish family in turmoil in Italy centuries ago, another major family in this present day was suffering some of the same debauchery and intrigue. Bono was in town for 'American Idol' to perform but also took time out of his busy schedule to comfort a dear friend Maria Shriver. Of all the places to go, they chose the Ivy a place that everyone knows to be the place to get seen and photographed. What a day to get a migrane?! In the game of photos near misses don't count. But more importantly, Maria Shriver received a shoulder from a friend named Bono. The Kennedy's, as well as Bono, are known for charitable work worldwide. They have both collaborated in joint charitable ventures in the past. And if memory serves me, I believe Bono attended Maria Shriver's father Sargent Shriver's funeral. Sargent Shriver was respected for his creation and development of the Peace Corps. So although some are trying to make it look unseemingly for Maria and Bono to meet out in public, it is certainly not. Luckily, Maria Shriver has a friend in Bono.

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